Welcome to the Student Wind Orchestra of the University of Twente.

At this website, you can find all information about the orchestra and the upcoming performances.

You also might want to take a look at the SHOT Ensemble and its marching band Tohuwabohu!

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About us

SHOT is the student wind orchestra of the University of Twente. The orchestra counts around 65 students of the university and surrounding applied universities. The orchestra was founded in 1991 and is conducted by Ronny Buurink.


Become a member

It is good to see that you are interested in becoming a member of SHOT! You are very welcome to visit (one of) our rehearsals.

Become a benefactor

The organization of multiple concerts and activities is partly made possible by the financial support of benefactora.


SHOT has her own marching band called Tohuwabohu. Take a look at the Tohuwabohu page for more information about the band and bookings.


An ensemble consists of a small group of musicians from the orchestra who can offer a musical addition to your party or any other event.


  • Fall Concert 2022

    SHOT has given another Fall Concert on the 1st of December. It was a great success, thanks to a great audience!

  • Concert trip 2022!
    After 4 years, it was finally time for SHOT to go abroad. This year, we went to Munich and Florence.

    We explored the cities at day time. The evenings were spent in parks, Biergartens and Irish Pubs. We gave both planned as well as spontaneous concerts. We finished off with the amazing Toscana Music Festival!

    We have truly had a wonderful time together and look forward to our next trip abroad. Especially thanks to Aron and Jesse, we have some great photo’s to remember this trip by. Also a big thank you to our sponsors: Moneybird and Meester van de Brink!
  • SHOT/SOLO lustrumconcert
    The SHOT/SOLO lustrumconcert took place on the 24th of April. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon!

    Before the break, SHOT played, among others, the Fourth Symphony by Alfred Reed and Carmesina, by Manuel Moralez Martínez. Also, the first 30 days of a post-pandemic world by Euripides Dionysiadis was played; a piece composed especially for the 30th lustrum. These and the other pieces can be listened to on SHOTs YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/StudHarmOrkTwente

    After the break, SOLO, the SHOT Old Members Orchestra, performed. They played, among others, Armenian Dances part 1 by Alfred Reed and Summon the heroes by John Williams.
  • Phil Collins Collection online!

    The online covers are back! As part of our lustrum video, we all recorded our parts of the Phil Collins Collection and this is the end result. Enjoy!

    Special thanks to Arnout Franken for editing the video and Aron Boerkamp for editing the audio!



  • Ensemble evening

    Soon, SHOT's SamenspeelCommissie (Play Together Committee) will host another ensemble night. Lots of members have formed ensembles in recent weeks and have been busy rehearsing. The ensemble evening will be on Dec. 21, at 8 p.m. in the Amphitheater in the Vrijhof. You can come and take a look free of charge.

  • ONHK 2023

    It might seem far away, but at this moment SHOT is already busy with rehearsing for the Open Dutch Wind Band Championships (ONHK). These will take place on April 1, 2023, in Barneveld. At the ONHK, SHOT will play ‘The Spell’ by Oliver Waesapi.


Studenten Harmonie Orkest Twente

Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum

Postbus 217

7500 AE Enschede 

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